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Psychological Assessment

Psychologists are diagnosticians. We can provide diagnoses in order to identify specific presenting problems and the corresponding evidence-based treatment for optimal outcomes via a psychodiagnostic assessment. We can also determine specific learning disabilities or giftedness in order to access appropriate resources and accommodations in school via a psychoeducational assessment.

Psychodiagnostic Assessment

Psychodiagnostic assessments address social, emotional, and behavioural functioning in order to better understand mental health needs. When appropriate, diagnostic opinions and individualized recommendations for intervention are provided. This assessment does not include a full cognitive and academic assessment in order to identify learning exceptionalities. 

Fee for psychodiagnostic assessment: $2000

Psychoeducational Assessment

Psychoeducational assessments are useful when your child is struggling with academic demands, when there is an unusual gap in knowledge, when your child's teacher is wondering about a learning disability or whether your child is possibly gifted, and/or when attention and concentration problems are getting in the way of academic or social success. 

A psychoeducational assessment will help identify your child's individual learning style - what areas are strengths and what areas need accommodation. It is a detailed assessment of a child's cognitive, academic, and social-emotional profile. It helps children understand how they best learn, parents to understand how to coach, parent, and support their child best academically and socially/emotionally, and gives the school guidelines regarding how to best teach and measure the child's academic success.

The assessment involves conducting specialized psychological tests and tasks that assess:

  • Cognitive ability/Intelligence

    • Verbal​

    • Visual

    • Working memory

    • Processing speed

  • Academic skills​

    • Reading (phonetic skills, reading comprehension)

    • Spelling/Writing

    • Mathematics

    • Academic fluency (speed of reading, writing, calculating)

    • Listening comprehension

    • Language skills

  • Memory

  • Attention/concentration

  • Planning/executive functioning

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Behavioural strengths and challenges

  • Social emotional functioning

The specific components of psychoeducational testing will depend on the presenting questions and concerns. Not all of these assessments may be necessary and additional tests may be required.

You will receive a comprehensive report that is a tool to use to advocate for your child within the school system with detailed and specific recommendations to promote academic progress. 

Fee for psychoeducational assessment: $3800

For more information about whether a psychoeducational assessment would be right for you child, see here.

For more information about the process for receiving a comprehensive psychoeducational assessment, please see What to Expect

Gifted Assessment

The Ministry of Ontario defines intellectual “giftedness” as “[a]n unusually advanced degree of general intellectual ability that requires differentiated learning experiences of a depth and breadth beyond those normally provided in the regular school program” (Special Education in Ontario - Ministry of Education, 2017). Once a child has met the criteria for giftedness, the Ministry of Ontario mandates that all public and separate school boards provide appropriate supports.
An Identification, Placement, and Review Committee (IPRC) at the child's school determines whether a child meets criteria for giftedness. An IPRC meeting can be convened at the request of the school or a child’s parent or legal guardian. Eligibility for a giftedness designation requires that a child has completed a psychological/psychoeducational assessment.

In the York Region District School Board (YRDSB), the psychological assessment must:

  • be completed by a psychologist or psychological associate who is registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario;

  • be completed when the child’s age was chronologically appropriate for grade three or later, or when the child was at least 8 years old; 

  • contain at a minimum: 

    • A measure of intellectual functioning (IQ test);

    • A full academic assessment (must include, at minimum, assessment of core academic skills including reading, spelling, writing, reading comprehension and mathematics);

    • A review of school based functioning (via report cards or teacher report).


**If this link does not work, search for "York Region District School Board Gifted Screening Procedure"


In the York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB), the psychological assessment must:

  • be be completed by a psychologist or psychological associate who is registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario;

  • contain, at a minimum, a measure of intellectual functioning (IQ test). 


**If this link doesn't work, search for York Catholic District School Board Program for Academic and Creative Extension)


Both the YRDSB and the YCDSB require, at a minimum, the General Ability Index (GAI) of the WISC-V IQ test to be at or above the 98th percentile in order to be eligible for a gifted designation. However, the YRDSB requires much more comprehensive information than the YCDSB, such as the full academic assessment and a review of school based functioning to be included within the psychological assessment. 

The process for gifted assessments includes an initial consultation and clinical interview, in addition to the assessment of intellectual functioning (IQ test) only. If the child meets criteria for a gifted designation (GAI at or above 98th percentile) AND the child is in the YRDSB, then a second assessment session will be scheduled to complete the full academic assessment. If the child is in the YCDSB, then no further assessment is required. 

Fee for assessment of intellectual functioning (IQ test) only (includes written report): $1300

Fee for additional comprehensive academic assessment (includes written report): $900


You will receive a comprehensive report in order to submit to your school to request an IPRC, if applicable. 

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