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Individual and Family

Once I have an understanding of the challenges via a consultation sesssion, I develop a plan to work with the youth, and typically parents (depending on age of child), to improve overall functioning.


I employ empirically supported treatment methods, such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and Behaviour Therapy. All of these practices provide insight into difficulties and teach children, adolescents, and parents/caregivers new ways of thinking and behaving to assist in gaining control of their emotions and behaviours. New skills and techniques are acquired to manage symptoms and improve functioning.


It is helpful for parents or caregivers to participate in the therapeutic process in order to support and coach practices at home.


The focus, length, and frequency of intervention varies depending on the individual needs and current functioning. Typically, sessions are once per week, for 50 minutes in duration. There is also an expectation for regular home practice and resources will be provided to facilitate this. 

Fee for therapy session: $235 for 50 minutes

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